Unicorn Authors Club

Enrollment has closed! To be added to the waitlist for 2021, please email WriteLikeAUnicorn [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!

AN INTENSIVE YEAR of magic and support
to (finally) get your book D-O-N-E




This Club is an online membership community with intensive coaching support for authors of color (and allies who really mean it).

This is not a class. It’s not a degree. It’s not a Facebook group to hang out in and get distracted.

It’s more like training for a marathon—except instead of building muscles, you build your manuscript, page after page, chapter by chapter. And you do it alongside other authors who are focused on the same goal: reaching the finish line.

Along the way, you’ll build your confidence as a writer. You’ll develop habits and skills that will serve you throughout your writing life. And you’ll join a dream community of other committed authors who share your values, cheer your successes, and help you work through your trouble spots.


As a writing coach and professional editor, I’ve worked with hundreds of writers over the past 25 years. I know how hard we work as authors, especially if we or our work are marginalized, to cobble together support: a coach here, a class there. A craft book, an author lecture, a co-working buddy or a writing group.

As we search for — or create — these spaces, we’re also dodging the “-isms” and the (not always micro) aggressions. We might go into debt for an expensive writers’ conference or degree, only to be traumatized and silenced by what goes down there.

Meanwhile, DIY-ing all of that can be A LOT (on top of the actual work of writing!).

Every writer needs a home — a place to get the work done, recuperate in between, and connect for love and inspiration.

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When it comes to making the shift from “I write sometimes” to “HEY, LOOK, PUBLISHED AUTHOR RIGHT HERE, SIGNING BOOKS WITH MY NAME ON THE COVER,” I know what helps writers and what doesn’t. The Club is full of everything that works—and free of all the #&@%*! that doesn’t.

As a Unicorn Authors Club member, you’ll receive:

✓ 1:1 coaching

✓ Feedback on your drafts

✓ Custom writing prompts

✓ Small group coaching

✓ Co-writing unicorn café

✓ Craft talks and written lessons to level up your skills

✓ Advice and tools for querying publishers

✓ A confidential cohort of experienced peers

✓ Private online 24/7 forum


If we’ve worked together happily in the past, you already have a sense of how we roll here at Write Like A Unicorn.

If not, welcome! This Club may be for you if:

  • You have a book idea, a book that you’re writing under contract, or a partial draft that you want to finish within a year (ish).
  • You’ve been working and reworking your manuscript over many years, and you need a boost and some guidance to pull through the last phase.
  • You are motivated to complete your book in the next 3-18 months, and have it in readers’ hands by 2022-23. (Or sooner!)
  • You have a minimum of 15 hours a month to devote to your boo. I mean, book.
  • You are Black, Indigenous, or a person of color, or you are committed to doing the work it takes to be in liberatory community with BIPOC people.
  • You’re ready to stop procrastinating, planning, or worrying—and start writing, in community with other authors who are committed to finishing their books.
  • You can name the books that changed you, saved you, or made you want to write.



Or keep reading for all the sparkly details.


When you join the UNICORN AUTHORS CLUB, you get direct access — via individual sessions, group meetings, customized prompts, and an interactive online forum — to Minal Hajratwala (Write Like a Unicorn founder, multi-genre award-winning author, editor for 25+ years of everything from journalism to poetry to fiction, did-it-all-without-an-MFA-so-you-can-too).

You also get to lean on and thrive alongside a powerful, committed community of authors throughout your writing process.

The Schedule

  • The Club convenes on the first Thursday of the month to check in, celebrate our wins, and enjoy a craft talk and writing session to spark our momentum.
  • Halfway through the month, we troubleshoot together in small-group coaching sessions. Every writer gets a chance to share a problem, and we brainstorm solutions until you know how to proceed.
  • Every two months, you have an hourlong individual coaching session with Minal. We dig into your progress, identify and conquer obstacles, and make an action plan to keep your writing brilliant and energized.
  • (Optional) Co-writing times in Café Unicorn, with check-ins and timed writing sessions, offer a virtual space to work on your own book in the company of others several times a week.
  • (Optional) You can join a peer circle if you’d love workshopping, additional accountability, and even more connection.

Any time

  • In our private 24/7 online forum (NOT Facebook, that’s tacky), you can post questions for a quick response, check out a treasure trove of resources, and tap our collective wisdom.
  • Whenever you need an extra burst of inspiration and focus, request a custom prompt and I’ll cook one up just for you.
  • Missed a meeting? Browse the archive to access to all past recordings of the monthly Club craft talk.

More perks!

  • From Day 1 of your Club membership, you’ll have full access to the complete curricula for ALL of my previous classes. These courses alone are worth thousands of dollars, but they are included free to Club members:
    • Blueprint Your Book, with everything you need to know about structure: character and plot templates; frameworks for managing time, place, and theme; tools to capture and keep readers’ attention over a whole book.
      Writing from the Chakras, dozens of generative prompts along with 8 audio meditations to power your writing process.
      The Creative Art of Proposals, a comprehensive set of writing exercises to create kick-ass language and get your work funded, published, and all loved up.
      The Write Like A Unicorn template for creating successful book proposals, including writing prompts for each section.
  • I’m cooking up plans for Q&As with agents, editors, and guest authors in 2021. Club members will get free, priority access to all such events throughout the life of your membership.
  • You’ll also get priority access to my schedule for all other Write Like a Unicorn services (for example, extra coaching sessions, a Manuscript Massage when your draft is done, or services from our copy editing team).




Enrollment for the Annual and Four month plans is currently closed and will re-open in early 2021.


Deluxe enrollment is OPEN! Start anytime.
> A full year of holistic support to finish your book.
> PLUS: Minal’s keen editing eye on your finished draft. After all of that hard work, you’ll reach a stage when you need an expert eye and a caring, professional touch. My Manuscript Massage service (normally $7,500) works out the knots to help prepare your book to go out into the world.



Q If I choose the Four-Month Plan, can I extend it? I’m not sure I can actually finish my book in this time period.

A Definitely. Everyone will have the option to upgrade to the Annual Plan to round out the year.

Q What kind of writers will be in the club?

Will there be a mix of genres?

A As of December 2020, the genre mix includes fiction, memoir, other non-fiction, poetry, and hybrid books.

This chart shows the current demographics, more than 75% BIPOC.

Q How is the Club beneficial over one-to-one coaching? Traditionally groups haven’t worked out well for me, as I tend to give more than I get, especially in reading other people’s work.

A The benefit over individual coaching alone is to sustain momentum in between coaching sessions. Instead of long-ish gaps where you work in isolation, you’ll have opportunities for accountability, checkins, leveling up your skills, co-working times, and cheers all month long.

That said, the Club is not a workshop. You’re not under any obligation to read anyone’s work (though you have the option to do so in a peer circle). It’s the opposite: ​The Club is designed to relieve you of the burden of organizing your own support. If you still find yourself supporting other Club members too much, we’ll brainstorm about how you might re-focus to ensure that, as the great Toni Morrison said, “The writing is central.”

Still not sure? Scroll up and look at all the bullet points under the “WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE?” section. If they seem like a drag, individual coaching may be a better way to go. If they excite you and feel like the kind of support you’ve been craving, join the Club. 

Q I’m in another time zone / work odd hours / am a vampire. What’s the exact schedule?

A Authors are joining from all over (as of now: East Coast, West Coast, Canada, the Netherlands, India). So we’ll be straddling time zones, adjusting as we go along to make sure everyone has full access.

✓ The monthly craft talk/monthly club meeting is at 5pm Pacific on the first Thursday of the month. These calls are recorded for viewing later.

Additional times, to be scheduled:
✓ Your individual coaching sessions with me.
✓ Small group coaching: monthly.
✓ (Optional) Co-writing unicorn café: several times weekly.
✓ (Optional) Peer cohorts for accountability and feedback.

Everything else in the clubhouse is asynchronous, accessible anytime:
✓ Private online 24/7 forum for discussion and chatting.
✓ Written lessons/course modules (curricula of Blueprint Your Book, etc.).
✓ Custom writing prompts.
✓ Archive of recordings.
✓ An always-open video space where you can meet up with other writers in groups of up to 4 people.

Q How big will the small group coaching sessions be? How big will the optional peer cohorts be? Will we be matched by genre, location, or something else?

A The exact size of each group will depend on schedules across everyone’s time zones and life circumstances. The purpose of all group activities is to support your individual progress toward finishing your book, so we’ll feel things out as we go. If a group turns out to be too big, we’ll make like amoebas and subdivide it.

You might also opt to create peer cohorts based on genre, stage of work, meeting specific goals, etc.; these groups will be as large or small as you make them.

Q Is Paypal the only way to pay?

A Paypal is my processor, but you don’t need to use a Paypal account.

To pay with a regular debit or credit card, please make sure you are not signed into Paypal, and then follow these steps:

Go to the membership level that you want and tap the “Buy Now” button.

• Do not use the dark blue “Log In” button. Underneath it, find the grey button that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”

• Follow the directions to complete the transaction for Guest Checkout.

If that doesn’t work and you need to arrange a direct bank transfer or send an e-check, please let me know. Note that these methods often take 3-5 business days to complete, so you’ll want to get the process rolling before the deadline.

Q What platforms do you use to run the course?

A Our main “clubhouse” is on Mighty Networks. It’s a private social network that feels interactive and almost as “sticky” as Facebook, but with no advertising, no distractions of non-Club content, and no gross comments from racist friends-of-friends. It’s very organized, with discussions grouped by topics, course modules, and both a desktop and a mobile app.

Live video, including craft talks and coaching calls, will occur on Zoom.

Q I am an existing Write Like A Unicorn client. Can I apply the rest of my coaching package toward Club membership?

A Yes! Don’t use the payment buttons on this page. Just email me about which Club level you want, and I’ll send you an invoice for your custom amount.

Q I’m almost done with my book. I am writing every day, and I feel clear about my story, so I don’t really need the support to sit down and do the work. What I need is help pitching and preparing it for submission. Should I join the Club, or work with you individually?

A Amazing! Congratulations. If you’re speeding along, I’d say save your coins until you’re finished writing and revising. At that point, let’s hop on a call to discuss whether you need a Manuscript Massage or just some coaching around how to pitch your book to agents and editors.

Q Is there a guarantee? Do you give refunds?

A No, and no.

I’m excited to help you, but no one can guarantee your outcome. In my years of coaching, I know that life happens. You as a person are 100% free to change your mind. I’ve had clients work on a book through several coaching sessions or a whole eight-week workshop and then have the Aha! that they really want to write a completely different book. Or go to grad school. Or climb a mountain. I’ve had clients get into the work and then realize that writing is really hard, or they simply cannot offend a key family member. I can guarantee that our work together will illuminate what it’ll take to finish your book, but only you can choose whether to go across that finish line.

So please make sure it’s a good fit before you buy. Read the fine print. Study these questions, and ask more questions. Talk it over with your trusted confidantes. I want you to have everything you need in order to finish your book, and I’ll be working like heck to make that happen. I am also investing in the technology and the team to make this all happen. So I’ll be asking for and listening to your feedback about how to make the Club better and better as we go along, because I believe in you. I believe the world needs your beautiful story and your urgent wisdom. I believe we can get it done together—when we’re both in it 100%.

Q Are there any discounts / scholarships / barters / payment plans / sliding scales? Can I pay you in yams / goats / chocolate / goodwill?

A Thanks to a generous donor, two 50% scholarships were offered in 2020 to BIPOC authors who would otherwise not be able to afford membership. The deadline was Sept. 30, and the winners were: http://minalhajratwala.com/club-scholarship/ . Information about 2021 scholarships will be forthcoming.

Aside from the scholarships, other arrangements aren’t available for this program. But please do sign up for the Write Like A Unicorn mailing list to learn about future offerings that are free, pay-what-you-can, or lower in cost.

And if you have a book writing group that’s 50% or more BIPOC authors, please ask me about doing a custom workshop for your group. I do as many of these as I can, at rates that everyone in your group can afford. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve worked with 154 writers in this way, and I would love to share some unicorn magic with your community.

Q Can I talk to you about my book and whether or not the Club is for me?

A Yes. In-person information sessions for the Club will be held during open enrollment. Please email WriteLikeAUnicorn [at] gmail [dot] com to join the waitlist.


Thank you for your writing,
your incredible brave dreams,
and the magic of your words.

If this isn’t right for you, but you’d like to stay in touch, please let me know.