AWP for Introverts

‘Twas the night before AWP, when all through the land,
The writers were fretting, “This is so out of hand!
The schedule is packed, but my suitcase is not;
My elevator pitch is postmodern and fraught;
My couchsurf is booked, but I’m ready to balk—
For what will I wear, and to whom will I talk?”

If you’re an introvert attending the massive writers’ convention in Seattle this week, check out my survival tips over at The Writer magazine’s website.  The Introvert’s Toolkit has tips on easing off the pressure, being a weirdo, and knowing when to stay away.

Doing a panel or a reading at AWP? You’re welcome to post your own panels and readings in the comments below.

(Where’ll I be? I’m skipping the convention this year, but following it on Twitter. Every alternate year of AWP is about enough for me!)

What’s in your toolkit as an introvert, especially if you’re going it alone this year?

My tiara does the talking.