Book tour pictures – Part 1

I’ve had a great time over the past few weeks jet-setting and Amtrak-ing hither and thither to talk about the book.  Of course I wore my tiara as much as possible.  I think it’s part of my gender now.  

The fun continues: I have San Francisco events coming up on April 10 (call in to KQED radio’s “Forum” show and ask me a question!), April 11 (Writers With Drinks), and May 9 (K’Vetsh).  My summer plans include Chicago, New York, Boston, Las Vegas… so please stay tuned and do get in touch if you have contacts and/or want to help me plan fun activities in your town!

If you want to check out any of the recent interviews I’ve been doing, I am posting the links (audio/video/text) as soon as I receive them here

And here are a few moments from my adventures…

March 1: Pre-launch… 

My awesome friends got together at El Rio in SF to give me a fun sendoff. Here I am with Amber Field, the talented ladybug who made my video book trailer for Leaving India.






March 6-7: In New York, I got to be part of a panel and evening reading during a literary festival curated by the amazing women of the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective. I was inspired by everyone’s work and by the beauty and collective power of fierce brown women artists.  

(>> photo by Preston Merchant)







March 18: Official launch day!

I started the day at BBC Studios in NY, taping a short segment with the radio program “The World” (click here to listen).  
In the evening, many sweet cool people —including a friend from high school and my cousin from Florida/South Africa — joined me for a sparkly celebration at Leela Lounge



Tonight I’m going to the APIQWTC banquet in Oakland. We pronounce it “app uh cute see”…  Gotta go get cute now, so I’ll post more pictures from the actual readings and such soon.

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  1. Oh, congratulations! I’m very belatedly reading a review of your book in the SF Chronicle Book Review of Mar. 15, 2009. Verghese is one of my heroes! Any book he recommends must be great! Was even more excited when I found your website! Best of luck to you . . .

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