Catching up

After years of virtual hermitage up on my hill in the fog, it’s interesting to finally enter the techno age.  I just got on Facebook and was stunned to see how many people I know are there (here).  It’s like there’s this whole level of the world going on, people chatting and staying in touch and posting their daily moods, and I had no clue! 

I’m really thrilled with how the book trailer turned out. Amber did an amazing job, with feedback and help (I’m told) from Kate.   We express-mailed a DVD to the publisher because we couldn’t figure out how to upload the giant video file, so it should get there tomorrow in time for the big sales meeting Monday.  I feel like the trailer is a lovely representation of me and of the book — diaspora, culture, queerness, serious, funny, poetic moments —  all in a tight 4 minutes and 20 seconds.  And Amber even included her own music, very classy, a raga bhimpala.

As life speeds up, I need to remember to slow down. Inspired by this feeling and by an article in the current issue of Yoga Journal (which I like to read surreptitiously even though it annoys me that they almost never have an actual South Asian yoga teacher or model or student in the magazine), today I set up a meditation and yoga area in my living room.  I moved the giant Indian swing forward and made space behind it for a yoga mat, zafu, and a little mini-altar that has just enough space for a little bronze Ganesh that I bought years ago in Berkeley, a little wooden Buddha that my friend Debbi Steffen gave me in high school (wonder where she is now?), and a lovely candle that Sunita gave me this week.  It’s nice to have one area of the house that, for now, is clean and free of clutter!

Just squeezing in under the wire of my new rule (actually an old one which I frequently break and have to remind myself of):  No computer after 9pm.  Cuz I hate having those computer screen dreams.

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