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Are you ready to jumpstart your writing and discover new, exciting sources to fuel your creativity?

Writing from the Chakras is a body-based writing system that leads to fast, energized, powerful, breakthrough writing. Through inspiring written, visual, and audio prompts, we tap into the seven levels of human experience that make up rich, versatile writing.

Whether you want to write ancestral memory or science fiction … a high-impact fight scene for your action movie screenplay (root chakra! survival!) or a moment of epiphany in your elegant short story (crown chakra all the way!) … Writing from the Chakras gives you a plethora of tools and play to make your writing come alive.

Fun creativity exercises. Tools for engaging mind/body/soul in our writing. Work that heals trauma and busts through blocks. Isn’t it time to get in touch with the most powerful possibilities in your creative work?

This 8-week online course is suitable for all levels of writers, from beginning to experienced, and you can join from anywhere in the solar system. The focus is on generating new work and developing robust creative skills in order to free your writing to take a great leap forward.

All genres and genders are welcome.

You’ll receive:

  • 7 weekly lessons with an abundance of in-depth audio, visual, and written prompts to take you deep into every chakra
  • 7 audio mp3 meditations — one per chakra — with a writing exercise to get your flow going
  • 2 bonus mini-lessons + 2 *bonus* audio meditations to help you scan, balance, and explore the deep questions of your own chakras
  • 3 optional interactive live sessions with me, including q&a and shared freewriting
  • Access to a 24-7 private discussion forum to share ideas and work with your fellow chakra writers
  • Feedback every week, from me and your peers, in a facilitated, supportive and encouraging environment
  • Nearly 100 pages of interactive exercises and resources to help you write write write!

Drop me a note and I’ll let you know when the next Writing from the Chakras workshop is starting!

$615 for 8 weeks of support
in writing your guts (heart) (throat) out  May 31—July 29, 2014  

(No PayPal account necessary.)



Empowering ~ deeply rooted in the personal ~ time very well spent ~ rekindled my writing ~ nurturing and fun ~  helped me to deal with writing blocks and deepen my ability to write intense and vivid scenes ~
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