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Are you ready to jumpstart your writing and discover new, exciting sources to fuel your creativity?

Writing from the Chakras is a body-based writing system that leads to fast, energized, powerful, breakthrough writing. Through inspiring written, visual, and audio prompts, we tap into the seven levels of human experience that make up rich, versatile prose or poetry.

Fun creativity exercises. Tools for engaging mind/body/soul in our writing. Work that heals trauma and busts through blocks. Isn’t it time to get in touch with the most powerful possibilities in your creative work?

This easy e-course is suitable for all genders, genres, and levels of writers — from beginner to jaded. You can join from anywhere in the solar system.

All at a fantastic, budget-friendly price: $169.

Scroll down to see how other writers have seen their work leap forward with Writing from the Chakras. 


Listen to a free sample of The Sexy Chakra:


How it works

First, register using one of the buttons on this page.

Then, email me and let me know:

  1. Your preferred start date.
  2. The email address where you’d like to receive the prompts, if different from your Paypal email address.

Starting on your chosen morning, you’ll receive a daily written AND visual prompt to get you started.

Twice each week, you’ll also receive a downloadable mp3 audio meditation focusing on a particular chakra.

Set aside 20 minutes a day to write, or save a few prompts for a longer writing session — whatever works with your schedule.

Need a bit of love?   Send your brand-new shiny writing back by email, and I’ll send you quick kudos and adoration within 48 hours—as often as you want, even every single day!

100% risk-free guarantee: I’m totally sure that this material will work for any writer, at any stage!  But just in case: If you try out every prompt but find you’re still NOT satisfied, I will gladly return your money. 

So, $169 =

31 days of deep, guided writing prompts directly in your email inbox 


Compelling, inspiring visuals


7 audio mp3 meditations — one per chakra — that you can keep and use anytime


2 *bonus* audio meditations to help you scan, balance, and explore the deep questions of your own chakras


Easy chakra cheat-sheet for writers — a PDF guide for future use


Yes, sign me up!

Why students love Writing from the Chakras

“facilitated the shedding of layers and layers of self-doubt, fear, procrastination, and inertia”

“a beautiful way of connecting and working through energy blocks”

“deeply rooted in the personal … nurturing and fun”

“helped me rekindle my writing!”

“deepened my ability to write intense and vivid scenes”

“I learned that my creative well is bottomless!”

More testimonials: right here.

Past chakra students have used the course to:

  • add powerful new scenes to their novels and memoirs,
  • spur their creativity (even if they’re not “really” writers),
  • gain life-changing insights,
  • work through trauma and blocks, and
  • connect with like-minded people with whom they continue to write long after the class ends.

What will you do with your chakras?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there live sessions? Do I have to log in at a certain time?

Nope! It’s all in your inbox, so you can work on your own schedule.

Q. Is yoga a requirement?

Not at all. We’ll explore a cornucopia of ways to tune into the energies of the physical/metaphysical body. If you have a physical practice (yoga, reiki, acupuncture, walking the dog), you’ll be able to draw connections, but there is no requirement of physical ability or activity.

Q. What technology do I need?

An email address — that’s all.

If you have audio capacity, you may enjoy to the audio meditations, too.  But everything will be provided as text, so you’re never required to listen.

Q. What if I don’t know what to write? What if I’m working in a specific genre?

Writing from the Chakras is a method, not a genre. You may apply it to ongoing projects, or use it to generate new ones. Whether you want to write ancestral memory or science fiction … a high-impact fight scene for your action movie screenplay (root chakra! survival!) or a moment of epiphany in your elegant short story (crown chakra all the way!) … Writing from the Chakras gives you a plethora of tools and play to make your writing come alive.

Q. Do I have to read other people’s work?

Nope! No workshopping, no critique — just focus on generating new work and developing robust creative skills in order to free your writing.

Q. Are you accepting international students?

With pleasure! Please email me for payment options if you cannot access PayPal or if you have a question about currency conversion. 

Q. What is Writing from the Chakras, actually?

We tap into the seven levels of human experience to generate rich, versatile writing. Whatever we want to write, it all comes from the energy stored in the body.  These fun exercises are tools for engaging mind/body/soul in your writing, working through trauma, and busting through blocks.

The chakras we work with, starting from the bottom, are:

(image by Izolda Trakhtenberg)

1: The Root Chakra

2: The Sexy Chakra

3: The Power Chakra

4: The Heart Chakra

5: The Throat Chakra

6: The Third Eye

7: The Crown

If you’re curious about how I developed this approach, or would like to see a sample exercise, check out my interview about Writing from the Chakras in the Delphi Quarterly.

Q. How will we cover all of that in just 31 days?

Powerfully!  If you join us, here’s how your month of chakras will look:

Week 1: Building a Strong Foundation (Root and Sexy chakras): Memory, survival, monsters, sex, creativity, our deepest dramas.

Week 2:  Manifesting in the World (Power and Heart): Dive into the core of your being to access virile, emotional writing.

Week 3:  Getting to Truth (Throat and Floating Chakra): Are you saying what you really want to say? Can you hear which part of you most needs to speak?   Learn how to integrate the energy spine, unblock, and open up to tell your truest story.

Week 4: Connecting to Source (Third Eye and Crown): Vision and transcendence, writing that flies off the page and into the ether, the future, alternate universes, divinity, and beyond.

Q. How can I give this as a gift? Will you notify the recipient?

First, thank you for your generosity to the writer you adore!

After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email. If this is a gift, please reply letting me know the email address that should receive it, and the date you would like the gift to begin.   

Q. How much time should I allot? 

The assignments are flexible, but most take about 15-30 minutes each. Set aside time daily, or cluster a few prompts together, according to your needs.

Q. My question is about payment alternatives, online course technology, or something else…

Cool. Answers to more Frequently Asked Questions about my courses are right here.

Start when you want! Sign up: 

(No PayPal? No problem! You’ll be guided to pay by credit or debit card. Please write your desired start date in the NOTES field or drop me an email!)




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