Private Coaching

Experienced, sensitive mentoring in a safe space to discuss your creative fears, concerns, and desires — “therapy for your book”

Consistent, clear artistic encouragement and problem-solving

Progress toward your goals in a structured but non-authoritarian, non-blaming environment

Personalized play and exercises that help you leap forward as a writer

What to expect:

Our first full Write Like A Unicorn session will include goal-setting. During this session, we may do a timed freewrite together to identify your needs and establish a basis for our relationship. All sessions are 55 minutes long. 

Our time together might include:

• Customized writing exercises, games, and homework/assignments to break through blocks and reach new levels in your writing
• Troubleshooting your book’s structure and craft elements such as metaphor, theme, central argument, character, description, plot, and chapter-by-chapter work
• Developing tactics for working with/against your internal critic
• Talking through your fears and obstacles, brainstorming solutions, setting goals with non-blaming accountability
• Identifying other resources and what you need to support your writing
• Developing realistic expectations of yourself, your writing time, and your career
• Bringing the joy and sense of play back into your writing
• Creating a blueprint for your book, with milestones and a clear path for success

All of our work is completely confidential, and is informed by an anti-oppression framework that takes into account the particular creative obstacles often faced by people whose gender, class, race, caste, disability, sexual orientation, survivor history, language(s), and/or other qualities work against mainstream narratives.

L-bracket-greenR-bracket-greenCoaching sessions occur within the Unicorn Authors Club.  Please check it out and email WriteLikeAUnicorn [at] gmail [dot] com to be added to the waitlist for 2021!

What not to expect:

A boot camp/heavy discipline approach to writing; psychotherapy; connections with agents and editors; judgment of you and your work.

Why other writers love coaching:

“Insightful ~ invaluable ~ an immense help ~ many practical tips ~ facilitated the shedding of doubt ~ my personal crazybrain surgeon.” (See what other writers say about coaching.)

Types of writing I work with:

• Nonfiction and memoir
• Fiction
• Poetry
• Performance
• Long-form journalism
• Dissertations, theses, articles, essays
• Proposals and applications, including book proposals, artist statements, white papers, startup pitches, etc.


Check out answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about coaching. Or email me!