Me, a blogger?

Until a month or so ago, I didn’t even have a cell phone.  And now I have a blog!  A thousand bows of gratitude to my friend Mary Anne Mohanraj, who said, “You need a website!  It’ll just take an hour!”  and put this one up for me today — in between taking care of her 14-month-old and revising the opening chapter of her own memoir.  It took a bit more than an hour, but not much, because Mary Anne is a genius and a pro.  In fact, according to the Online Diary History Project, Mary Anne’s blog is one of the five oldest personal journals on the internet. 

Well hey, look at that, I even managed to make that a real live link, all by myself.  

Anyway, I’m visiting Mary Anne while in Chicago to attend the Unity2008 journalism convention, which is the flashiest and most corporate journalism convention I’ve ever attended. The big media companies like Disney and CNN have huge high-tech booths with multiple flat-screens and fancy schwag, while the little regional newspaper booths cower in their shadows.  But I guess someone’s gotta pay the bill for all those box lunches. Barack Obama is supposed to speak to us on Sunday morning.
More soon, or at least eventually!

One thought on “Me, a blogger?

  1. Heh. Thanks for the plug, Minal. It really was no trouble. Loved the Weather Channel clip, although it would have been even better if they’d had a wind machine going so your hair looked like you were really out in the storm. Although maybe it’s better this way; the cognitive dissonance is really funny.
    You may want to open up your comments — right now, only folks with MT or Vox or livejournal accounts can sign in and comment. But that’s up to you; some people prefer to restrict comments.

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