Mumbai apartment search

If all goes well I will be in Mumbai next week, October 13!

Want to help me envision and manifest the ideal place to live?

(Royal court in palace at Chittor, Rajasthan)

(Royal court in palace at Chittor, Rajasthan 🙂 )

This is my list so far:

Top criteria:


beach view and/or easy walk (2 blocks?) to a shoreline … I decided on this while at the beach in San Francisco a few weeks ago, realizing how VERY HAPPY the ocean makes me. And since Mumbai is basically a string of islands, with shorelines all around, I’m hoping this will be easy to find and also will help me narrow down neighborhoods.

• 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Aside from my living space, I do need a separate space to write, that I can close off. I also would like to be able to put up an occasional guest.

• At least one room with air-conditioning. Cuz, yeah, it’ll be hot. I have no illusions about my stoic-ness when it comes to the weather. I am a wimp.

11208095260jaisalmer-fort-palace-room-interior1• Reasonably quiet since I’ll be writing there.

Wired for internet/wi-fi, or easy to acquire internet access… I’ve heard it can be kind of difficult/complicated/frustrating to get hooked up.

• Reasonable price. Rents seem to be all over the place; I know people who are paying $100 and people who are paying $18,000 a month (seriously? yea). I’m thinking about my own price range and I am prepared to be flexible and take the advice of locals.

• Furnished or lightly furnished (bed, stove, refrigerator).

• 9 month lease (but I’m flexible if I need to sign something a little longer-term).


I’m open to all areas of Mumbai proper as well as the trendier suburban area up north – that’s Bandra, Khar, Juhu Beach. Everyone seems to want to live in Bandra now, and there’s an emerging queer neighborhood there (that may be overstating it, though?). I will be affiliated with the University of Mumbai in Kalina, but I probably won’t need to be on campus too often, so I’m not worried about commuting.

I am not really interested in having a roommate although I would consider the right situation.

Extra bonuses would be:

Upper floor / terrace space

• Wi-fi

• Near someone/some folks I know; queer-friendly 🙂india_style_bedroom_2

• Landlord / neighbors who are helpful without being too nosy

• Convenient neighborhood for groceries, restaurants, art, community, necessities, getting rickshaws & taxis, traveling to other parts

What else should I think about?

I guess there are some basics — reasonably safe building/neighborhood, reliable plumbing and electricity, regular water — that we don’t think about much in the US but that I should probably make sure are on my list. And from what I understand, some apartments “come with” live-in domestic staff; I wouldn’t want that.

I sent out this list to a bunch of friends and family friends today, so I’m also taking heart today from my friend Renata’s excellent blog post on “Wanting” and gratitude. Check it out.

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