My genius friends, Part 1

Sometimes I get so happy just thinking about my friends!  They are so amazing and wonderful.  Here are a few of their genius blogs and websites.

  • Kristy, editor extraordinaire, herbalist witch, writer/performer/all round creative being (hire her if you want to write!)
  • Mary Anne, whom I can’t seem to stop bragging about in this blog 

(Kristy and Mary Anne get top billing cuz they actually have read and commented on my blog! Ha!)

  • Lisa, author of Oil on the Brain, which is the most entertaining book about oil you will ever read.  We met in a crazy and short-lived Sundance Institute writers program, where we also got to meet John Cameron Mitchell, who was making his movie (based on his one-person show) Hedwig And The Angry Inch, which is one of my favorite movies ever. Sundance sent Lisa to Hungary, where the Hungarian filmmakers accused her of being a spy for (a) the CIA, or (b) Robert Redford.  I went to Brazil, where no one accused me of anything.  Little did they know… <evil laugh here>…
  • My friend the zombie mommy who is anonymous in her blog but if you know me, you probably know her.  She writes about her two adopted infants taking over her life, about totally changing her body and exercise habits, and about shopping. Her blog has gorgeous photos. 
  • Patty, my magazine colleague, a wonderful writer, co-editor of the Homelands anthology. Almost every day at work she tells me a hilarious true story.  Today’s was about mice and Buddhists.  Nuff said.
  • Erika, who is now on a Fulbright in the Dominican Republic. She has the bestest curliest hair.
  • Honor, author of several books, most recently the gorgeous and controversial memoir The Bishop’s Daughter.  When she was on book tour this summer, she gave a sermon at Trinity Episcopal Church in SF that made me cry.  I just found the notes I took: “I believe that the sexual sin operating in my father’s life was the communal sin of the closet. … Sin is what thwarts the natural in human life. … The society in which a sin occurs is complicit often in the sin.”
  • Parijat, dancer & principal of the Parijat Desai Dance Company in NY.  We met when we were 18 years old, in Feminist Studies 101!   For my film and video class, I made a 10-minute documentary about the student dance company that Parijat formed as an undergrad.  But I was a writer, not a filmmaker, so I put way too many words and not enough dancing in the film!  Duh.
  • Miriam and Crystal, my performance heros and mentors.  I might have to do a whole separate blog entry about how awesome they are.  We start rehearsals tomorrow!
  • Leah Lakshmi, poet and performer, author of a poetry book called Consensual Genocide. She’s keynoting at the Femme Conference in Chicago this coming weekend, along with the amazing writer Dorothy Allison, and another fabulous woman I’m lucky to call a friend but who doesn’t right now have her own website as far as I know, Veronica C. Combs!  (Tidbit:  Sometimes LL wears bright green hot pants to yoga class. I have to make sure my mat is in front of hers so I don’t get too distracted.)

There are many many more, some of whom have websites and some don’t, all of whom are so fabulous I can hardly believe how lucky I am to know them.  It makes me happy to post about people I love, so I will keep doing so from time to time!

4 thoughts on “My genius friends, Part 1

  1. Whew! I just discovered your blog today and now I have so many more amazing women to stalk. Can’t wait 😉

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