Post-yoga fashion dialogue

I was wearing more or less this, except with short yoga pants and a different sweater with colored stripes.

Vegas boots with hat-scarf knitted by mum.

Guy: Wow! Awesome boots! I would totally wear those— I mean, er, I wouldn’t, but… I mean, nice boots!

Me: Thanks.

Guy (to his female friend): Look at her boots!

Woman: Wow, those are great! I have some shoes, some shoes that are that color—

Me: It’s a good color…

Woman: Yea, but those boots are great.

Me: … goes with everything. 

Woman (looking at crazy combo of what I’m wearing: short navy-blue yoga pants, sweater with grey-purple-green stripes, silver puffy down vest, and orange-yellow hat-scarf my mother knitted): You are, like, so adorable!  Oh my gosh!


Haha.  Have I finally learned (in my late 30s!) how to dress myself in a way that doesn’t require wearing all black?? Or maybe we were all stoned on post-yoga bliss…  Mainly I was just trying to stay warm, especially because San Francisco has been impersonating the Windy City this week.  

I do adore this hat-scarf creation, with its retro colors, because it keeps my little ears cozy.  My mother designed it herself; she’s a talented knitter, crocheter, and macrame-er. I love the hat-scarf so much that I wear it all the time, except of course when I need to wear a tiara.

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