Why you just saw a “We’re using cookies” message

I’m told we have them in chocolate chip or snickerdoodle only. (Sorry, oatmeal raisin fans!)

Some of my social media buttons are powered by Shareaholic, which makes it easy for you to share my blog posts with your networks. When you do that, Shareaholic collects bits of info called cookies to make pretty graphs that tell me what people like, so that I can give you more of that.

I never, ever sell or share your personal information. Browsing this website will not result in emails offering to increase your virility, nor will it enable you to win the lottery by providing your bank account details.

If you do want me to send you occasional, non-spammy emails, you can sign up here, and you’ll hear from me once in a while about my new books and events:

Please be assured that I will not be contacting you about an urgent and confidential business proposal too good to pass up.

Also, you can get off the email list with one click anytime you get tired of it.

And if you just read all that, you definitely deserve some unicorns.