Sometimes I write as strangely as Dali paints

Moon Milk Review September 2010 cover


What kind of publication could list dead white guy Franz Kafka, live-wire comedian Rachel Bloom, and me in its table of contents?


A literary journal!  Specifically, this month’s Moon Milk Review, an online magazine that manages to be both cohesive in vision and wild in content.

I’m in it because I won a contest. Each month the editors post an image and solicit what they call “micro-fictions,” or “prosetry”:  pieces of 500 words or less that blend poetry and prose, and engage the image somehow. The entry that they like the most gets published.

My piece, “Archaeology of the Present,” is adapted from my poetry manuscript-in-progress. I spent a pleasurable afternoon fooling around with an existing, longer work to create a narrative for this painting by Salvador Dali, “Three young surrealist women holding in their arms the skins of an orchestra.”


You can read the published story here.

Or subscribe to Moon Milk Review here, to get new fiction and poetry in your email box once a month.

And here is next month’s contest. Follow the directions and enter by midnight, Sept. 30, 2010.

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