Special Offer: Book Giveaway

My publisher has kindly agreed to provide a limited number of giveaway books for silent auctions, raffles, and contests benefiting nonprofit organizations. If your nonprofit is holding an event and would like to offer Leaving India as one of the prizes, please email the following to contact@minalhajratwala.com :
– Your name
– Organization name
– Address to which the book should be mailed
– Date of the event (IMPORTANT: We need at least one month in advance, because the books are mailed at the bulk media mail rate. There are no rush orders for this offer.)
– Publicity benefit (for example: web site listing/link, program listing, program advertisement, announcement at event, etc)

I’m excited about this opportunity to help out good causes. We’ve already tried it twice for silent auctions, and each time attendees were willing to pay above the cover price; one person paid $46 for a book, 100% of which benefited the organization! (Thanks to APIQWTC and Trikone for being the guinea pigs for this special offer.)

Please note that because these books are provided by the publicity department, the event must include some visibility for the book. Examples: exposure on a silent auction table, web site listing/link, program listing, program advertisement, raffle announcement at event, etc. Also please note that the book will be sent to you directly from the warehouse, so if you’d like me to sign it, we will need to make those arrangements after you receive the book. Thanks!

One thought on “Special Offer: Book Giveaway

  1. Minal, Hello! first, congratulations on the Lambda and California Book Award finalist status! Hurrah! second, Clementine’s school has a silent auction coming up in June, and we’d be delighted to have a book for it! It is an amazing tiny school (8 kids in her class)- kindergartners studying Latin and French (and loving it!), a theme that runs through all classes each month (North Africa, Water, Architecture), fifth graders teaching smaller kids and VICE VERSA. It is what every kid should experience (we should have had that!). Their web site is not good, though if you look after April 25, you will see a site that I designed for them. Here is what I overheard on the playground standing around with the teacher— “What are we doing in Latin today?” “Translations? YAY!” It is a place of joyful learning. Minal, let us know if you are coming this way! xoxo, Linette

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