Subject: From your biggest fan


I just finished a beautiful session with a client who has been totally blocked, on and off, for several years. Today, she managed to write deeply despite numerous barriers, critical voices, and traumatic history. I felt moved afterward to write her this note. It applies to so many writers, since it often feels as though no one knows the hard work we go through. Please feel free to take it personally if it applies to you, too. 🙂

Dearest ______,

I just want to send you a love note seeing the brave and beautiful work that you’re doing. Your voice is unique and urgently needed in the world. Whenever I hear and read your words, I see persistence, beauty, and a depth of untold stories that are relevant not only to you, but to all of our community which suffers under the heavy myth of the model minority. Your work is to break the silence and push up against the oppressive strictures and limitations of that dominant story, to resist it with the full might of your precious desire to write & speak. When you sit and try to write over these next couple of weeks, please know that whatever the outcome, I am here and cheering you on. I look forward to every word that comes from you.