Sweet Boy Kitty Seeks Loving Home

*guest blog by Little Clarence*


My person is moving overseas, so I am looking for a new cuddle partner and feeder in the San Francisco Bay Area, starting in early September 2010.

About me: Grey short-haired mestizo, healthy, approximately 6 years old, formerly wild, cleans up well, cross-eyed, pleasantly plump, a little shy at first, very affectionate once I get to know you.

A typical day in my life: Sleeping (93%), cuddling/purring (11%), eating (8%), chasing things (2.5%).  That is catrithmetic by the way, so don’t worry if your puny human brain can’t handle the math.

Special skills: Excellent at hunting (I will defeat any evil string armies or rodents attempting to invade your house).  Type 80 wpm (can’t guarantee you’ll know the words in my vast vocabulary, though). Experienced companion to writers, artists, and meditators.  Accessory consultant (see photo shoots below).

Comes with: Favorite teddy bear and blankie, kitty condo/scratching post, litter boxes, supply of food & litter, toys, current shots.

Inquiries/interest: contact (at) minalhajratwala.com




**Note from Minal: Little Clarence has FIV (feline version of HIV). He has not yet developed symptoms, is expected to stay healthy for several years, and currently has no special medical needs or care. However, to prevent transmission to other cats, he will ideally be an indoor cat and be in a home with no other cats (or cats who are also FIV+).

One thought on “Sweet Boy Kitty Seeks Loving Home

  1. Awwww, he is ADORABLE! I would love a FIV+ cross-eyed kitty, but 1) I’m on in the Bay Area, 2) I already have 2 felines who would kill me if I brought home a stranger, 3) I swore: no more cats after the 2 I have die, so. Dang it!

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