Q&A with author of “Marrying Anita”

I had a lovely online interview with journalist, author, and hottie (pictured below) Anita Jain, whose book Marrying Anita: A Quest for Love in the New India came out earlier this year.  We did the whole thing on Google’s email chat feature, and yes, it’s been a long time since I did any reporting, because I was *thrilled* by the fact that gchat saved our whole interview.  Way easier than the olden days of transcribing voice interviews.  All I had to do was add punctuation!

Of course, some bits were edited out.  We were chatting right after my LitQuake show last weekend, and I mentioned that I’d just come from the event, where I read a couple of selections about sex.

anita: don’t you know indian women don’t have sex?

me: lol dammit, i keep forgetting!

Obviously our conversation was off to a good start!  Read the interview as published on MSNBC.com here:  Looking for the right man in a foreign land: Author Anita Jain talks about the search for love and sex in the New India. There’s also a video interview on there, which had nothing to do with me.