First sign of the apocalypse?

It’s almost midnight and I’m awake listening to the umpteenth hailstorm of the day.  Some last just a few seconds; the longest have been maybe 15 or 20 minutes. They produce small lentil-sized balls of ice that quickly melt away. This particular hailstorm seems harder and longer than the others; it sounds like a flock from The Birds pecking at every window of the house at the same time.  

The hail itself isn’t really a problem, but the cold is inconvenient.  It’s COLD!  We are not used to below-freezing temperatures here in San Francisco;  houses, clothes, etc, just aren’t made for it.  Brrrrrr.

My cat was totally freaking out earlier, especially after he got hailed on (he goes outside sometimes).  Now he’s curled on my lap, and when it hails he just perks up his ears and looks at the windows. I guess he’s adapted, as I suppose we all will when global climate change starts to really hit home.
In between hailstorms I went to a community yoga class with the wonderful Skeeter Barker.  I’ve never been to a yoga class where people laugh so often.  It’s nice to have fun while sweating and stretching.  
Other than that outing, it’s been perfect weather for nesting, getting little things done at home and on the computer, napping, and doing lots of not-much.
If today’s hailstorms are a harbinger the end of the world, I wonder how long we have left. Maybe it’s silly, but I’d at least like a chance to enjoy my book launch first.  I’d hate to have all those years of fantasizing about talking to Terry Gross be wasted; can’t I at least have *chance* at being on “Fresh Air” before armageddon hits?