#ReadWomen2014: Her Name Is Kaur

Her Name is Kaur

I was honored to be asked to blurb this first-of-its kind anthology, and here’s what I said:

Her Name is Kaur pushes past the boundaries of romance to illuminate the love at the very heart of the faith. In this groundbreaking book, Meeta Kaur has gathered a diverse and fresh group of stories of growing up Sikh and redneck, Sikh and queer, Sikh and daydreaming, Sikh and heartbroken, Sikh and deeply beloved.

Whether discussing the everyday (mother-in-law conflicts) or the taboo (mental illness), these women writers share colorful, intense, and engaging adventures that range from Los Altos to Toronto to Chandigarh.

Title: Her Name Is Kaur: Sikh American Women Write About Love, Courage, and Faith, edited by Meeta Kaur

Recommended for: Everyone interested in South Asian cultures, women of America, and stories/perspectives you’ve never heard before.

Hey, what’s #ReadWomen2014?

In response to lots of disheartening statistics about the gender gap in literary publishing, zillions of people are posting their favorite women writers on Twitter.  I love getting so many great recommendations of what to read, so I’m joining the fun! You don’t have to have a Twitter account to browse what people are posting at the “year-long celebration of women’s writing.” 

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