Want me to teach an online writing workshop?

Landed! And, coming off my adventures in the Midwest, I’m considering teaching an online workshop. Folks have been asking about it for a while now, and now that I’m not planning to travel too much for the next few months, I think I could put it together. On the flight back to SFO today, I thought of a couple of ideas. Would love to hear feedback, thoughts:

• Idea #1:

    Book Proposal master class

8 weeks (or 10?) in which you get your nonfiction book proposal done. I guide you through each section, give regular assignments, offer feedback, and we workshop with the class. We’d start in Week 1 with honing your book idea, and by Week 8 you’d have a solid draft of your book proposal and a clear direction for what you need to do next and shopping for agents/publishers.

• Idea #2:

    Writing for the Chakras

8 weeks — 1 week per chakra with a wrapup session. This is a body-based writing system that, in my experience, leads to fast, energized, powerful, breakthrough writing. It’d be suitable for anyone who wants to integrate a physical (yoga, etc) practice with a writing practice, wants to jumpstart their writing/a particular writing project, or just wants to experiment with a lot of fun creativity exercises and energetic work. Breaking through blocks and healing trauma is a natural outcome of this work, and I would envision this as a more process-oriented course that allows you to get in touch with the most powerful possibilities in your creative work.

I think I could start a course around Sept 6 and run it through early November. I’d have to figure out how many students and at what rate would make it a fair expenditure of my time. I’m thinking something like $20 a week at the low end of a sliding scale would be affordable, maybe?

So, what do you think? Would you take a class like either of these? How much would you pay? How much ‘homework’ or time per week would you want to dedicate to such a class? What would be the most useful or exciting aspects that would make it worthwhile for you?

By the way, both these ideas came directly out of my mini Midwest “tour” last week. I was reminded of how much I love talking to writers about writing! I love telling people the scary, exhilarating truth that their ideas are amazing and that they can do it.

In Detroit I did a marathon of one-on-one sessions at the Asian American Journalists Association convention, with super smart journalists whose book ideas just blew me away. Some of the writers were working in straight journalism, some in other genres (one genius young woman sweetly asked, “Is it ok to talk to you about creative writing?” Yes!). In each session, I felt great about the way I was able to help people clarify their ideas, find the strongest thread, and clearly see the next step in their process.

In Chicago I had a coaching session the next day with a client who’s done simply amazing work since the last time I spoke with her. I could see the energetic shift in her body. I also taught Writing from the Chakras, the second time I’ve taught this class in collaboration with a yoga teacher, and I swear at least a couple of the students walked out of the room glowing.

Now… off to shower, maybe catch a nap, and enjoy my first Mum-made meal in 10 months!


PS: Had some more thoughts based on feedback to this post. Click here for update!

4 thoughts on “Want me to teach an online writing workshop?

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  2. Hey MInal,

    How ru doing and hope you remember me? I liked your idea of online writing workshop. I would like to have to talk with you on one-2-one for the same. Let me know when can we.

  3. Both classes sound marvelous. I would take either or both, depending on what you decide to do. I could work with the lower end of your sliding scale.

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