Things to do this week

Had a lovely and productive weekend.  Got to do some very rewarding social activities 🙂 , and also worked Saturday at the library on book stuff, and Sunday training for my med school teaching gig.  Today, had lunch in SF with uncle and aunt visiting from Fiji — yummy dosa, uttapam, and channa batura.  Uncle has been vegetarian for 8 years, despite rest of the family being huge meat eaters. 

Busy week ahead!  To do:

  • Read and correct page proofs for the book, and send them back!  Also, as I read, choose sections for potential magazine excerpt(s).
    GOAL: Send page proofs by priority mail Thursday Aug 15 so they reach editor in Boston by Monday.  Feel happy with my book being done!!!  Find a way to celebrate even though I have tons of other stuff to get done this week.  And,
  • Start rehearsals for “Hey Sailor!” 
    GOAL:  Be present and alert and do my best for 3 rehearsals this week, Weds night, Thurs night, and film shoot Saturday afternoon/evening.  And have fun!
  • Work with staff to finalize pages for Turning Wheel magazine. 
    GOAL:  Put in 6-10 hours on magazine work this week; deadline to printer Aug 21.  Keep everyone calm and harmonious, and things moving forward.
  • Work on biz plan for Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment class. 
    GOAL: Put in at least an hour before class meets Saturday morning.  Well, honestly, this might not happen.
  • Work on my media mailing list for book, so that advance copies can go out in the next week or two!   Might have to push this to next week.
  • Draft pitches for possible excerpts.  Probably next week, too.


Hope your week is going well!

2 thoughts on “Things to do this week

  1. ooh yes! thanks Kristy, I knew I was forgetting something!!! future blog entry topic: my new career as Nap Coach (or, as you like to say, Nap Witch) 🙂

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