Two Treats for You!

Hello, dear writer. I’m glad you found this page, and I’d love to share these tools with you:

✓ My Publishing Primer for authors.

This roadmap to the traditional book publishing process gives you checklists, the basics of writing a query letter and a nonfiction book proposal, and a “math for authors” page that explains how royalties work.

✓ The Language You Love

This set of quick, easy exercises helps you to brainstorm authentic, meaningful sentences that you can use to describe and pitch your book for a fellowship, residency, grant, or book proposal. (It’s a sneak peek from my e-course, The Creative Art of Proposals: How to Write Kick-Ass Language to Get Your Work Funded, Published, and All Loved Up, one of several curricula now available exclusively to members of the Unicorn Authors Club.)

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