Update on Werewolves

Today I was very happy that the internets gave me a new, hip poem with the above title by one of my favorite authors: here.

This is awesome because:

(1) It’s an update on werewolves, ok?  Yeah.  By definition: awesome.

(2) The author, Margaret Atwood, is 72 years old, has 332,495 Twitter followers right this minute, and has published 13 novels + 15 poetry collections + a bunch of other books — and she is Trying New Technologies that I have never heard of.  (Meanwhile, I may still be too tech-skeered to get an iPhone.) This poem, for example, is on a new self-publishing platform/community called WattPad.

Most people know Margaret Atwood as the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, which became a film starring Faye Dunaway and Robert Duvall.

She  is an awesome writerly role model for me because she writes fantastic, super-popular, feminist, subversive novels, many of which are set in alternate realities.  I was talking about Atwood earlier today to a client who is writing an awesome speculative fiction novel. (Beloved client: the books I was telling you about are Year of the Flood and Oryx and Crake, and I was thinking of the storyline involving the God’s Gardeners, a small community of survivors of a planetary biological catastrophe.)

That is all for now, except:

Yes, I am aware that I say “awesome” more than the average citizen of the planet.  This is because I am an American, unlike Margaret Atwood who is Canadian.  Canadians, by the way, are awesome, eh?

Hope you, dear reader, have an awesome day, and do watch this if you have a couple of minutes to get pleasantly spooked:

Book trailer for Wolf Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws, and Lycogyny (2012)

One thought on “Update on Werewolves

  1. Noticed this bit about werewolves and found you’d missed a new entry in the werewolf universe – tales of the pack by Allison Moon. A ferociously fierce and hot story about lesbian werewolves. Yes I’ll say that again – lesbian werewolves. Definitely check it out and support an excellent bay area author 🙂

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