Private Coaching

Experienced, sensitive mentoring in a safe space to discuss your creative fears, concerns, and desires — “therapy for your writing”

Consistent, clear artistic encouragement and problem-solving

Progress toward your goals in a structured but non-authoritarian, non-blaming environment

Personalized play and exercises that help you leap forward as a writer

What to expect:

Our first full session will include goal-setting and will run approximately 1 hour, longer if needed. During this session, we may do a timed freewrite together to identify your needs and establish a basis for our relationship. Subsequent sessions are typically 1 hour long. Some clients prefer more frequent half-hour sessions.

Our time together might include:

• Customized writing exercises, games, and homework/assignments to break through blocks and reach new levels in your writing
• Troubleshooting narrative structure and craft elements such as character, description, metaphor, theme, plot
• Developing tactics for working with/against your internal critic
• Talking through your fears and obstacles, brainstorm solutions, set goals with non-blaming accountability
• Identifying other resources and what you need to support your writing
• Developing realistic expectations of yourself, your writing time, and your career
• Bringing the joy and sense of play back into your writing
• Creating a blueprint for your project, with milestones and a clear path for success

All of our work is completely confidential, and is informed by an anti-oppression framework that takes into account the particular creative obstacles often faced by people whose gender, class, race, disability, sexual orientation, survivor history, language(s), and/or other qualities work against mainstream narratives.

Types of writing I work with:

• Nonfiction and memoir
• Fiction
• Poetry
• Performance
• Long-form journalism
• Dissertations, theses, articles, essays
• Proposals and applications, including book proposals, personal statements, white papers, etc.
• Blogging & social media — strategies for writing short and powerful
• Corporate writing, strategic/visionary writing, business plans

Why other writers love coaching:

“Insightful ~ invaluable ~ an immense help ~ many practical tips ~ facilitated the shedding of doubt ~ my personal crazybrain surgeon.” (See what other writers say about coaching.)

L-bracket-greenR-bracket-greenTo schedule a free 30-minute consultation, please email me. Tell me a bit about your needs, and some good times/dates to talk.


So how much does coaching cost?

Individual session: $165 per hour

Free Your Words sixpack: $895
(6 sessions, PLUS up to two free hours of reading time if needed. The best deal for writers!)

Think of this as a personal trainer relationship. We meet via Skype or phone, when it’s convenient for you. You choose a time frame that works best for your life, and we pace sessions so that you have sufficient time to work (“work out”) in between. Immerse yourself in a six-week intensive, or treat it as a yearlong independent study — either way, you will make breakthrough progress on your creative project, book, or book proposal.

You may use our private sessions to work through the Blueprint Your Book or Writing from the Chakras curriculum, any time — whether or not a workshop is currently running.