Manuscript Massage


Manuscript + chai + jaggery = sweet!

Every project reaches a stage when you need an expert eye and a caring, professional touch. As an editor for more than twenty years, I love to work directly with words, making sure they reflect your bravest, truest vision. Does your manuscript need a massage? Let’s talk!

L-bracket-greenR-bracket-greenTo schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation,
just email me with a bit about your manuscript,
your needs, and good times/dates to talk.

Option 1:
The Deep-Tissue Massage

$50 per 1,000 words

Don’t worry, no nudity is required! 🙂 Here’s how it works: You’ll send me your manuscript and a list of questions. I’ll go over your manuscript twice: first without interruption, as a reader, to get a sense of narrative flow and momentum, and the second time more slowly, as a content editor.

During the first read, I notice what grips me, where the story feels strongest, and what slows me down or confuses me.

During the second read, I diagnose underlying problems and offer suggestions for reworking. I also use your list of queries to make sure we work on your toughest knots.

Then I write an editorial letter to you, similar to what an editor at a publishing house would provide. This revision guide addresses all of your hotspots, including:

  • flow, momentum, pacing and plot
  • cohesion, continuity, any internal contradictions
  • voice, point of view, character development
  • form and structure
  • places to cut and places to expand
  • theme
  • any significant and reoccurring writing/grammar issues
  • your questions/concerns

I also comment in your document itself, pinpointing where you can make the most effective changes.

After the Massage

It’s normal to experience some pain! But it feels good, doesn’t it? After you’ve had a chance to digest the feedback, we schedule a call to discuss your manuscript, clarify any questions, and help you move forward.

Later, as you revise your manuscript, you can always feel free to check in quickly with me by email and ask for input and clarification, at no extra charge.

Down the line, if you want my help with a revised draft of the manuscript (in full or part), polishing the language, crafting a synopsis, line-editing a query letter, or working on any other materials related to this manuscript, you’ll receive a special 5% discount on all services.

Option 2:
The Full Body Polish

$125 per 1,000 words

Ready for a line-edit? Prepping your manuscript for submission, publication, or self-publication? I provide a triple-read perfection service that leaves your text silky smooth. I analyze your work for any big-picture structural issues, copy edit it for clarity and consistency, and give you line-by-line markups to ensure that your spelling, grammar, and formatting are as gorgeous as your ideas.

Types of writing I work with:

  • Nonfiction
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Performance Works
  • Proposals, including book proposals
  • Academic theses and dissertations
  • Organizational documents (vision statements, reports, business plans, position papers, applications for funding, etc.)


  • Yes, I can work in your program! Scrivener, Google Docs, MS Word, etc.—if you can put words into it, I’ve probably used it. We can share files by email, over the Cloud, or via owl. So set your tech concerns at ease; whatever you need, we’ll work it out.

How much will my massage cost?

Manuscript Massage is per 1,000 words.  You can round down under 500; round up over 500. To calculate your massage, choose which type you prefer and click on the Buy Now button below it (you won’t be obligated to buy). Then choose your quantity. For example: If your manuscript is 10,499 words, enter “10″ under “quantity.” Paypal will calculate your total.

All massages have a minimum of 10,000 words.

Deep Tissue
$50 per 1,000 words:

Full Body Polish
$125 per 1,000 words: